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Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Navigation Simulator

Autonomous driving technology has revolutionized the automotive industry, but testing and validating autonomous vehicle navigation and driving strategies in a physical environment can be a costly and a complex undertaking. At ZATNav (Pvt) Ltd, we understand the need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution for testing autonomous driving technology. That’s why we have launched a groundbreaking project to create customizable and extendable simulated environments that can accurately replicate real-world driving scenarios. Our autonomous vehicle (AV) navigation simulator platform is designed to facilitate the testing, training, and validation of autonomous vehicle navigation using the latest machine learning and AI algorithms.

A synthetic scenario has been created in unity 3D along-with a model of AV and a camera has been placed in front of the vehicle. In combination with socket programming for Unity 3D, we have developed a prototype system that receives data from Unity 3D, processes it using a CNN in Python, and sends back control commands to control the self-driving car. Our goal is to develop a commercial Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Software (AVSS) that can generate realistic scenarios with ultra-high fidelity sensor simulations, providing realistic driving scenarios, and diverse environments. Once completed our autonomous vehicle (AV) navigation simulator platform will facilitate testing, validation and quick time to market of AV using latest AI/ML algorithms by supporting the entire development process.

But we don’t stop there. Our ultimate goal is to create advanced Autonomous Vehicle Simulation Software (AVSS). Our team is dedicated to generating lifelike driving scenarios along with accurate sensor simulations. With our AVSS, you can test and validate your autonomous vehicle in a multitude of environments and situations without any real-world risks. And here’s the best part – we are actively seeking partners and investors to join us on this incredible journey. Contact us now to discuss your custom AI-based vehicle navigation simulation requirements. Let’s lead the way into a safer and more efficient era of autonomous transportation.


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